Government Guarantees for Investors

  1. 1. The regional government offers guarantees for those investors who are registered in the Oryol Region and invest in their businesses. These guarantees are enforced through investment agreements executed between the local Government and the Investor. The Government is ready to guarantee investors obligations under loan agreements up to 90%, but no more than 50% of the investment project costs. These guarantees cover up to 50% of costs incurred by the investors in the course of their investment projects.
    (Regulations of the Government of the Oryol Region No.178, dated June 15, 2011 and No.317, dated September 16, 2011).
Земли промышленного назначения Industrial areas for production placement in the industrial park "Green grove"

Sale from 600000 rub/ha
Rent from 25000 rub/ha in year