Human Resources

Human Resources predetermine success of any business. And it’s really so because even a promising business eventually fails without enthusiastic and qualified staff to lead it to success. Green Grove resolves this problem for you!

Green Grove invites you to stop searching for future employees, but to make your choice:

  • There are 8 state higher education institutions in Oryol which annually supply the region with more than 7,000 specialists for such industries as:
    • innovative technology and manufacturing automation;
    • food biotechnology and consumer goods;
    • metallurgy and machining technologies;
    • building and construction;
    • agriculture. Employ youth, energy and initiative personnel to leverage your business for success;
  • Restructuring and multiple retirement waves on previously prosperous regional enterprises (instrumentation manufacturing and electronic equipment engineering) generated a well-defined cluster of qualified engineers, designers, electronic engineers and technologists within the regional unemployment. Build your business on a strong basis of experienced human resources.
    • Mtsensk, with its workforce over 24,000 people, provides specialists for metallurgy, metal machining, vehicle manufacturing and food industries;
    • Oryol, with its workforce over 94,000 people, offers resources for metallurgy and metal machining, manufacturing of machinery and equipment, electric and electronic components, garment, vehicle and food production;
  • Average monthly salary is about $ 600. Hence, you’ll be able to save on labour costs. For example, average monthly salary in Moscow is more than $ 1,000;
  • Such an oversupply in the jobs market drives general attitude to work in the community, when people crave for a good job and are capable of performing to the highest standards. This motivation will promote faster and more sustainable growth of your business than you have ever envisaged.

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