Land and infrastructure

You are welcome to grow and enhance your business in Central Russia.

Industrial parcels as cheap as $ 20,000 per ha! It’s 10 times cheaper than in Moscow, Kaluga, Tver and Yaroslavl!

Leasing: About $ 800 per ha a year and attractive conditions for those who wish to buy out the parcel at the stage of commissioning of the industrial facility.

The parcels offered have all the utilities in place. Usage permission allows location of industrial and administrative buildings. All documents of title are available. The table below lists specifications of the existing engineering infrastructure.

Utility serviceCapacity
Gas supplyup to 5,000 m3/h
Water supply1,800 m3/day
Power supply50 MW
Sewerageto 1,800 m3/day
Storm water disposal5,000 m3/day

The diagram shows time and costs of getting electricity in Green Grove compared to industrial parks in other regions.

Source: Doing business in Russia 2012


Reduce costs of connecting to utilities, and bring down operating costs.

As is seen from the above diagram, Green Grove is an ideal place for business growth!

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