location of industrial park «Green Grove»Strategic location has always been crucial for the economic success of any region. Not coincidentally Green Grove has been placed in the Mtsensk District of the Oryol Region. Thus, the best trade links and networks are at your fingertips, facilitating procurement operations and the delivery of your products to various regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Green Grove location — why is it so attractive?

  • high population density — no need to worry about sales because of the high consumption level, and besides you won’t have any problems with hiring suitable staff for your business;
  • proximity to Moscow (300 km). Keep close to the world’s biggest business centre and reduce your costs by running business outside this rapacious metropolis;
  • favourable location at the crossing of auto and railway routes connecting North and South, as well as West and East of Russia. Your business will be more than just linked with all the transportation hubs, you will be able to capitalize on this advantageous location by placing here a logistics centre, a warehouse or a cargo transportation company.
  • 90% of all land in the Oryol Region is cultivated farmland. The Oryol Region is famous for its record grain harvest. Livestock per capita is 3−5 times higher in comparison with the neighbouring regions. Such a developed farming invites you to build on its promising potential by setting up a food production or processing enterprise.

There is a number of world-known manufacturers who have already discovered the advantage of doing business in the Oryol Region. Among such companies are Coca-Cola, Lincoln Electric, Sanofi Aventis Vostok, Frigoglass Eurasia.

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