Management company

Green Grove is a synonym of low price on land, convenient location, developed infrastructure, enthusiastic workforce and proximity to the largest sales markets.

You may think it’s not enough for the success of your business and that is where you are right!

According to Economist Intelligence Unit survey, over 30% of investors consider transparency of legal procedures and openness of the local authorities to be key criteria for the evaluation of investment proposals.

For the purpose to dissipate any concerns and demonstrate willingness to support the investors, the local government adopted a resolution as a result of which Oryol Region Industrial Parks Directorate (Open Joint Stock Company) has been founded.

Directorate, being the management company of the industrial parks within the Oryol Region, will support you throughout all the stages.

In order to clear possible obstacles off the way of your business, the management company undertakes the following:

  • approvals and permits;
  • security of premises;
  • maintenance of common areas: cleaning, snow removal, disposal of waste;
  • service engineering of power network, pavement and drainage system.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us. It’s our pleasure to be helpful.

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