New resident of Green Grove industrial park

17 Октября 2014

The new resident — LLC Skypharm has come to Green Grove industrial park. Negotiations with initiators of the project (LLC Alpha CSB) were carried out in the spring 2014. After that the project was adapted for Green Grove conditions.

Production capacities of the infusion solutions which are most demanded in the pharmacological market will be constructed on a site of the resident. Its total area will be 2 hectares. Power of technological lines is planned at the level of 8 million liters / 18 million various forms of packings a year, creation of complex structure of warehouse for materials, substances, overalls and finished goods is also supposed.

The created production will become one of not numerous profile pharmacological innovative enterprises in the Russian Federation on which the international standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) will be introduced.

The total amount of investments makes more than 200 million rubles. Placement of such investment project allows to solve a number of economic and social problems of the Oryol region and the neighboring regions, promotes increase in GRP of the Oryol region, expands production sector of the region and creates new workplaces for the population. Besides, an important positive factor of the organization of such production is saturation of Oryol and neighboring regions infusion solutions market.

Now project works are going. By its results construction of new resident’s industrial complex will begin in 2015.

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