They are doing business at Green Grove and the Oryol Region

Placement of the various industrial enterprises is planned for complex development of the «greenfield» territory:

  • modern production of instrument making and electronics;
  • production of construction materials, construction and municipal equipment;
  • processing of metals;
  • pharmaceutics;
  • processing of agricultural production.

Also we will be glad to see as residents the enterprises of other orientation.

They chose Green Grove

  1. Central cereal company LLC, a subsidiary of Agro-Alliance holding, was the first company to set up at Green Grove and take the advantage of the agricultural potential of the Oryol Region. Now the company is constructing:
    • a buckwheat processing plant (with capacity of 42 000 tons per year);
    • a cereals processing plant (with capacity of 5 000 tons per year);
    • an elevator (15 000 — 20 000 tons);
    • a modern logistic terminal complex (7 000 m2).

    Central Cereal CompanyCentral Cereal CompanyCentral Cereal CompanyCentral Cereal CompanyCentral Cereal Company
  2. Mtsensk nonferrous metalls processing plant LLC — manufacturing of products from copper, brass, bronze for the enterprises of mechanical engineering, nuclear, oil, gas industry, military-industrial complex, shipbuilding, instrument-making, aviation, railways, construction and automobile sectors.
  3. Phone: (495) 774−94−92


Still have some doubts about the best place for setting up your business? Just call us — we’ll give you more details to help you to make the right choice.

They preferred the Oryol Region to others

Usually investors are unwilling to share their reasons for having chosen this or that region for doing their business. And this is quite logical, since by appraising the conditions they have been offered here, they would thus invite their competitors onto their home turf.

We suggest you studying the list of companies operating in the Oryol Region and drawing your own conclusions.

You may contact these companies and ask them how their business is going in the Oryol Region.

Kerama marazzi
Kerama Marazzi (Italy)

Email technical director
Chesnokov Sergey Vyacheslavovich:


Frigoglass (Greece)


Sanofi (France)

Орловский кабельный завод
Oryol Cable Plant (Russia)

Email CEO
Gladysheva Elena Igorevna:

Таврида электрик

Tavrida Electric (Russia)

Companies Overview

Name Primary business Date of establishment in the Oryol Region Output Headcount
KM Group (MARAZZI GROUP) (Italy) Production of ceramic tiles and porcelain gres 1992, February 26 000 000 m2
24 000 000 pieces
1 500
Frigoglass Eurasia (Greece) Manufacturing of commercial refrigeration equipment 2000 140,000 units a year
has a share over 50% in this sector in Russia
1 400
Coca-Cola Hellenic (Cyprus) Production of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, drinking water Bon Aqua, cold tea Nestea, juice Rich in glass bottles August 26, 1996 69 types of products in different types of packaging. 724
Sanofi (France) Production of insulin and its analogues 2010 30 mln of dosage units a year 140
Milini (Russia) Butter and spread, sour cream, milk, drinking cultured milk products, whey drinks, cream cheese and smoked melted cheese 1999 150 tons per day 230
Oryol Cable Plant (Russia) Power cables, wires, appliance and lamp cords 2000 Over 300 tons of copper processed per month 230
Tavrida Electric (Russia) Vacuum circuit breakers and surge protection devices (6−10 kV), cubicle switchboards and transformer substations 2005

Green Grove offers greenhouse environment for your business. Your business will steam ahead side by side with enterprises like yours. The management company of Green Groove and the Government of the Oryol Region will support and take care of your business initiative. Don’t miss this opportunity to root at Green Grove and enjoy your growth!

For the purpose of dissipating any concerns and in order to demonstrate the willingness to support the investors, the local government adopted a resolution as a result of which Oryol Region — Industrial Parks Directorate (Open Joint Stock Company) has been founded.

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